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Service Specialties

"We don't see things as they are; we see things as we are."
- Anais Nin

Those who ignore their past live to repeat it. Stop the cycle now!!!

Parent Coordination
Child-centered conflict resolution. When parents are going through a divorce and there is a high level of conflict, the research shows that children suffer greatly.

Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator
By appointment with a Court Order. Most mental health practitioners are not trained to work in the forensic environment. I have been working in the forensic field for over 30 years. This evaluation is a process of forming a professional opinion for court or other legal proceedings based on professional knowledge, expertise and supported by appropriate data collected from clinical interviews, testing, and collateral sources. Fees available by request.

Certified Child Custody Evaluator
By appointment with a Court Order. This entails a social investigation with evaluations on both parents and the children. Clinical interviews, testing, collateral interviews, parenting skills, the child's best interest as well as F.S. 61.13 are all taken into consideration. Fees available by request.

Downward Departure
A forensic mental health evaluation is conducted for a defendant who has a mental health issue unrelated to substance abuse, addiction or physical disability. Sometimes a defendant may have a dual diagnosis and it has never been identified. This is a treatment/rehabilitative approach and the defendant has to be amenable to treatment. Fees available by request.

Collaborative Law
Welcome to a team approach to resolve disputes and legal issues, particularly divorce, rather than the adversarial approach of traditional litigation.

On-Purpose Life Coach
What is your Divine Purpose? Let's develop your personal mission statement and find out!!!

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